FIBC Products

Our wide range of products makes us the jumbo bag manufacturer of choice the world over. Complete product range, coupled with high hygiene standards makes Daga Poly Pack a respected name as a bulk bag manufacturer. What sets us apart from other jumbo bag manufacturers is our ability to make custom solutions.

Baffle Bags

These bags have baffle restraints stitched onto all corners of the bag which prevent the bags from expanding beyond a point. Mainly these bags are used where cargo has to be containerised or space has to be saved.

Builder Bag / Tunnel-lift Bags

These are used specifically in construction and aggregate industry and are used for filling sand, construction waste or aggregates. They are simple FIBCs and are high volume usage bags owing to nature of the industries that they are used in. A relatively recent development in this industry has created a tunnel-lift bag which effectively can be used without a pallet and uses body fabric as a lifting mechanism apart from 4-loops. By avoiding the use of pallets, it saves cost to end-users as a package.

 Single-loop Bags

These bags are normally made for fertilizer or cement packaging. These bags are different in construction where body-fabric of bag itself is formed into a lifting loop

Cross Corner Bags

These are tubular FIBCs, where the loops are lock-stitched on to the reinforced part of the bag’s main body. The loops are made stiffer and hence it retains its shape and makes it easy for the forklift operator while during material handling.

Sling Bags

Sling bags are used in the transportation of 25-50kg aggregate of PP/HDPE sacks. Sling bags reduce handling of individual bags at various points thereby minimizing damages / wastage. Sling bag enables to carry multi piece loads up to 1500 kg safely.

Corner Loop Bags

The standard bags, with four corner loops, are used for bulk packing any type of material. Can be produced with various option of filling and discharge systems.